James Stoneton II

AOS #47 Superintendent of Schools

Dedham, Orrington & Airline

19 School Street

Orrington, ME 04474

March 18, 2020

Dear parents, staff and community members,

This is a follow-up to the communications I have previously sent.  Thank you for your patience while we gather the most recent, accurate information and we continue to work on plans.   We are only partway into a 2-week shutdown of our schools, from 3/16/2020 to 3/27/2020. We will continually reassess this situation to determine when it is possible to reopen beyond the 27th. We will communicate with you as soon as we know if the closure has to be extended. 

First and foremost, a huge thank you to our staff at all schools for pulling together and creating so many fabulous learning activities for our students.  Every single person went above and beyond to ensure that we could give our students the very best options possible, it was amazing to watch everything come together so quickly.  

The learning activities are being provided in various ways with details being provided by your school's building administrator.  If you have not already received this information or are not aware of how/what you are getting from your school, please reach out to your building administrator through email.

Thank you to all the parents and community members who have responded so positively to us.  I know this decision has made a significant impact in your life and I appreciate your understanding and support throughout this time.  Many of you have offered to help in any way needed and I am once again reminded of how truly fortunate we are to live in these communities.

Food Distribution: We have begun using our buses, routes, drivers, and cooks to deliver food to families in need. We plan to continue this service on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday weekly.   If you are in need of meals, please contact Kimberly Haley, Administrative Assistant, at: 670-5780 or Kathy Cobb, School Nutrition Coordinator, at: 479-5458. You may also email Kimberly Haley at khaley@airlineschool.org 

Building cleanliness:  Our custodians have been disinfecting all of our schools, with the closure we will be engaging in an even deeper cleaning, similar so when students are able to return full time our learning spaces will be as healthy and safe as is possible. 

Help Everyone in Our Community:  We are not only concerned about our students and staff.  Please help us all protect each other, especially our older adults.

  1. Wash your hands frequently

  2. Maintain social distancing (stay 6 feet away from others)

  3. Avoid touching your face

  4. Helpful information may be found here: https://www.cdc.gov/coronaviru...

Contact Information:  If you need assistance you may call the central office (207-825-3364).  You can also email us: 

Airline School Administrator  

Andy Bryan,   abryan@airlineschool.org

AOS 47 Superintendent

James Stoneton,  j.stoneton@cdsedu.org